Is Google making Waves?

Google’s recent beta launch of Google Wave has created its own wave of opinion, discussion and excitement. A truly innovative product that has the potential to disrupt our thinking and behaviour around communication, collaboration and community.

What is Google Wave?
Wave is not just a new product or new service, but a fundamental new way of working.

According to Google, Google Wave is a product that helps users communicate and collaborate on the web. A “wave” is equal parts conversation and ...

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3 simple phrases that can step change online business results

Whilst in Singapore this week, I met with Redpill Communications – a Singapore based marketing strategy and customer insight consultancy. They shared a great presentation on how 3 simple customer expectations are fundamentally undermining existing business models and strategies.

The 3 phrases were: “Everything is free”, “Shared Interests” and “Less is more”. Individually these are easy to dismiss as being impractical, but when combined they become compelling, and are the key behaviours that are driving the under 27’s (the ...

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Trust, reputation and Influence – Holy Trinity or Devil incarnate?

There’s quite a buzz on twitter and some influential social media blogs at the moment about trust. Has trust vanished? How can you establish or maintain trust in a web 2.0 world? If the banks and the governments can get it so wrong, then who can we trust? And so on.

Obama’s recent victory was a huge leap of faith for a nation – it suggests that trust can be captured, and ...

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