Digital Consulting
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Helping Boards, CEOs, CMOs, CIOs and SMEs to understand the impact of new web trends on their existing strategy, business model or organization or helping them to create new transformational strategies with the web at its heart.

This usually starts with  review of the current strategy, skills, resources and plans. I use a proprietary methodology developed By Bob Steelhammer and used to success with clients like with AT&T, Home Depot, Vodafone based upon desired customer behavior. We focus on the four stages of the customer experience; attract, engage, convert and keep.

Interim Management
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I have experience as an Interim Senior Executive, and I am open to having a discussion to see if this is the best way to accelerate your ideas and minimise your costs.

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Working  1 on 1 with individual Global Executives to help  them realise their potential around Digital marketing and eCommerce Strategies. This can be those already with experience in the subject matter, those about to be promoted to a more global eCommerce roles, or CXOs, Non Executive or Advisory Boards who need some additional advice. I do this through a mix of Face to face meetings, conference call. Emails and Seminars.