“Customer Journey, Data and Channels. A suitable shorthand for Digital Transformation?”

Keynote given at the TIBCO Destination Digital Club, 16th March 2016

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“Transform or be Disrupted. Can tour Operators survive?”

Keynote for Travel Tech, 25th February 2016

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Digital engagement: the Science of Customer Marketing

Keynote given at iMedia Summit, London, Feb 2015

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10 Secrets to succeeding in the era of the connected customer

Keynote given at the 2014 International Resort Congress, Turkey, DecĀ 2014

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Eye for Travel Keynote, Oct 2014, Berlin

10 secrets to a seemless omni channel customer experience

Keynote, Eye For Travel, Berlin Oct 2014

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Can omnichannel be truly seamless

Keynote at Marketforce 2020 Customer Experience Summit, London, July 2014

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