3 key type of Digital strategy advice

Innovation Strategy

Customers now control your brand. The pace of change that social media, search engines, and web2.0 tools are bringing to your business is often faster than you can react to or that your existing processes allow.

Legacy organisational structures, offline processes, sophisticated budgeting and a culture of “seek- permission-not-forgiveness” is stifling innovation, change and profitability. Digital Marketing and Social Media Innovation are two keys that can help unlock that growth agenda, even in these difficult economic times.

Digital Transformation

Marco Ryan acts as a change catalyst, helping your executive teams align behind a coherent eCommerce and Digital Marketing Transformation strategy. Typcial activities under this type of change management consulting include:

Validating, creating and embedding coherent, measurable eCommerce transformation strategies with your senior team of executives, including Roles, Accountabilities, key milestones and actionable plans

eCommerce Health check – validating, analysing and reporting on the health of your eCommerce organisation, plans and capability using a proprietary methodology

Driving the pace of the web into the heart of the business, using innovation and talent to create high performing teams that create competitive differentiation

Managing the different stakeholders to ensure alignment, budget agreement and consistent communications

Creating new organisational structure and processes, and helping identify talent within and outside the organisation to support the strategy

Executive Mentoring

Marco Ryan is a highly effective Coach and Mentor to Boards, Non-Executive Directors, CEOs and CXOs. He can help you understand the implications of proposed eCommerce investment decisions, enable Senior Executive without deep technical knowledge to understand the implications and challenge more effectively key decisions.

There are literally a handful of people in the world who have a similar mix and level of experience with the C-Suite, eCommerce P&L, eCommerce and Digital marketing strategy and Organisational Change – especially across Asian, American and European markets.

Marco can help individual Executives or Senior management Teams understand, plan, align and execute eCommerce and Digital Marketing strategies in context. Communication skills and insight around Digital Marketing and eCommerce Transformation.